Music for 2023:

Orchestra Repertoire:

Shostakovich: Symphony #5

Richard Strauss: Don Juan

Mahler: Symphony #2

Mozart: Symphony #39


Opera Repertoire:

Rigiletto- Bass Solo

Othello- Bass Soli

Jazz Ensemble:

Big Band Selections from compositions by Chuck Israels

To be played live in a “Big Band” setting with Chuck Israels as coach


Bass Orchestra:

Contrabajeando-    A. Piazolla/A. Martin

For Whom the Bell Tolls-     Metallica

Music for 2022- listed below


Large Ensemble Pieces:

Eine Kleine Bass 4tet – Score and parts

Gothic Bass – Score and parts


Orchestra Repertoire:

MozartSymphonyNo.35 Bass Excerpts-GGBCSF 2022

BeethovenSymphonyNo.3 Cello:Bass- GGBCSF 2022

BrahmsSymphonyNo. 1- Bass Excerpts- GGBCSF 2022

Music for 2019:

Orchestra Repertoire:



Mahler 5th Symphony.Bass

Chamber Music:


Dvorak String Quintet- Bass (Both Dvorak works to be performed with string ensemble)

Bass Orchestra Pieces:

Simon Garcia- Lucca- Terra di Felicità

Metallica-Orion- Arrangement Donovan Stokes

Orion 4 basses – Double Bass 1 2017 edit

Orion 4 basses – Double Bass 2 2017 edit

Orion 4 basses – Double Bass 3 2017 edit

Orion 4 basses – Double Bass 4 2017 edit

Mahler 1- 2nd Mvmnt- Arrangement- John Kennedy

Mahler 1 2nd mvmt – Bass 1

Mahler 1 2nd mvmt – Bass 2

Mahler 1 2nd mvmt – Bass 3

Mahler 1 2nd mvmt – Bass 4

Repertoire for 2018

Orchestra Repertoire to include:

GGBCSF’s “Suites and Treats for Bass”

Excerpts from:

Bernstein’s West Side Story


Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet


Stravinsky’s Pulcinella


Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exibition


Wagners “The Ring”

Beethoven-The Bass and Cello– Charles Chandler and Amos Yang use Beethoven 3 and 5 to show the special low string relationship in Beethoven’s music.

Beethoven 3 Excerpt Chaz:Amos Beetoven5Excerpt-Chaz:Amos

Large Ensemble Repertoire:

Oye Como Va- Bass Quartet Parts 1-4

Oye-como-va-DB-1 Oye-como-va-DB-2 Oye-como-va-DB-3 oye-como-va-DB-4

Aase’s Death- Edvard Grieg

Aase’s DeathParts Double Bass I Aase’s DeathParts Double Bass II Aase’s DeathParts Double Bass III Aase’s DeathParts Double Bass IV Aase’s DeathParts Double Bass V

Cantata in Ciacona- Bass Trio Parts 1-3

Cantada In Ciacono – Double Bass I Cantada In Ciacono – Double Bass II Cantada In Ciacono – Double Bass III

Gagliarda – Bass Trio Parts 1-3

Gagliarda – Double Bass I Gagliarda – Double Bass II Gagliarda – Double Bass III

Hornpipe- from Water Music- Bass Quintet parts 1-5

HornpipeHandelQuintet – Double Bass 1 HornpipeHandelQuintet – Double Bass 2 HornpipeHandelQuintet – Double Bass 3 HornpipeHandelQuintet – Double Bass 4 HornpipeHandelQuintet – Double Bass 5

Repertoire from GGBCSF 2017:

Orchestra Studies Repertoire:

Mozart Symphony #40, Beethoven Symphony #3

Brahms Symphony #4, Ginestera- Variationes Concertante

Complete Symphony Parts below:





Excerpted Parts Here:

GGBCSF Orchestra Excerpts

Opera Repertoire

Verdi’s Rigoletto Solo, Madame Butterfly, Marriage of Figaro, Otello, Walküre, Falstaff


Hamilton Preview


Bass Orchestra

Romance – Double Bass 1

Romance – Double Bass 2

Romance – Double Bass 3

Romance – Double Bass 4