The Northern California Chamber Music Academy (NCCMA) is the parent organization of the Golden Gate Bass Camp, and the San Francisco Winter Bass Bash. NCCMA is a 501 (c)3 non profit organization whose sole mission is to provide opportunities for musicians of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to study with masters of the craft, and share in the joys of music making.

We hold that the experience of creating art through music is one of the most engaging experiences people can share with each other, resulting in lasting benefits in human communication skills, and social connections among people who play music, as well as the listeners.

Our events are open to the public and our goal is to give financial assistance to any person who needs help in accessing our programs. We believe the benefits of a more musically literate population are of such significance, that we strive to share the love of, and benefits of music with anyone who is willing to pick up an instrument and play it.